About Us

About Memory Magic

Memory Magic is a photography studio dedicated to capture the love and warmth of your family in a picture. We strive to photograph emotions and feelings of the special moments that happen in front of our camera.

At Memory Magic, making unforgettable experiences is our goal. We create innovative photography that goes way beyond just capturing the image of a child or a family in a pose.
All the glances, the smiles, and the little gestures that are so special, will be remembered forever in our photographs.

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About Hannya Romo

Hannya Romo is the main photographer and owner of Memory Magic. Hannya works hard to capture beautiful photographs of magical moments that happen within our studio. She is known for her beautiful personality that brings a smile to every kid and adult that is in our studio.

About The Team

The professional talent that we have here at Memory Magic is very skilled, and thanks to them, we can have the most beautiful, expressive, and original images of our customers during any of the most amazing stages of their lives. Our talent succeeds in making a special memory last forever.
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To portray feelings is our expertise.